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Benefits of Spinach in our diet

Spinach is a delicious green leafy vegetable which has been crowned as the ‘Powerhouse Of Nutrients’.

What Are The Nutrient Contents Of Spinach?

Vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, calcium, phosphorus manganese, iron, selenium, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acid.

Some of the health benefits of spinach are as follows:

- Diabetic patients benefit from spinach as they help to stabilize the blood sugar levels. Just boil some spinach leaves, extract the water, add a dash of salt and drink a cup of spinach juice daily.

- Spinach protects against ‘hardening of arteries’ as it contains substances such as inositol and choline.

- Spinach has antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. The flavonoids and carotenoids present in them fights against cancer such as colon, breast and prostrate cancer.

- Spinach helps in the formation of blood and prevents blood clotting. This is due to the presence of Vitamin K.

- Spinach increases longevity.

- Spinach contains calcium, proteins, minerals and folic acid which protect against anemia, insomnia, obesity, blood pressure, osteoporosis, nerve inflammation, tumors and many more.

- Spinach helps to retain memory.

- Spinach contains lutein which helps to prevent cataract formation in the eyes. It also helps against the onset of blindness by preventing macular degeneration which normally takes place in the adults. Thus, spinach helps elderly people to retain their eyesight and protect from night blindness and Celtic disease too.

- Spinach has a lower count of calories- 23 calories per 100 gram thereby making it a good food for obese people.

- Spinach helps in kidney and liver problems.

- Women during post-menopause period should increase the intake of spinach as it contains Vitamin k which will help in maintaining the bone health; otherwise, there are chances of getting osteoporosis (bone degeneration) and Crohn’s Disease.

Ways to have spinach- salads, raw, juices, soups, noodles, frozen, sandwiches etc.

Remedial Treatment at Home for Blackheads

A combination of 4 drops of iodine, one teaspoon of Epsom salt in quarter of a cup of hot water should be left to cool. Then use a cotton ball to apply some on the skin areas. It can be taken off after it has dried.

Regular application of a paste made of fresh fenugreek leaves [methi] and water, kept on the affected places for about 15 minutes each time is another good method. Use warm water to remove.

Using steam to open out the blocked pores of the skin, the affected areas could be rubbed for a minute or two using a towel. Use cold water to close up the pores again.

One tablespoon of lime juice added to a glassful of boiled milk could be used as an effective face wash. Regular use is a good home remedy.

Grind some radish seeds and make a paste with water. This could be applied on the affected skin and later washed away with water when dry.

Another paste blended using some milk, together with 5 grams of turmeric and 5 grams of red sandalwood should be applied for awhile and rinsed off later.

Almond powder and rose water together also makes a good remedial paste for application on the affected skin. This needs to be washed off using warm water.

You could make a skin scrub with a mixture of yoghurt, and equal quantities of lemon, salt and honey. Massage this blend for five to ten minutes into the skin.

After rinsing it off you must pat the area dry. Again warm honey applied to the skin is a beneficial method.

It has to be removed with water when dry. Equal quantities of fresh lime and groundnut oil mixed together, is an effective treatment when applied on the skin.

It should also be washed with warm water. Well beaten egg white should be applied on the affected skin, washed off with water, and scrubbed gently with a towel while wiping dry.

Three tablespoons of honey combined with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder should be well mixed and applied on the skin and kept on overnight. Lukewarm water must be used to wash it off in the morning.

How to Get Rid Of Circles under the Eyes

Eyes are windows to the world and your soul. It’s the skin around them that adds to or mars their beauty. If acne is the number one skin problem, those dark circles under the eyes are the number two problem.

There are many causes for this ailment. As usual, unbalanced or improper food is the cause, in addition to a not-so-healthy lifestyle. Consider the food first. Green vegetables rich in vitamin K and E, contribute to healthy skin. Eat a variety of fruits.

Among youngsters, smoking is a major cause for causing this imperfection. Inadequate sleep coupled with or caused by present-day stressful life aggravates the problem. Even natural sunlight, wind and cold affect your eyes.

However, a few precautionary measures and better, healthier food can be protective. Protect your eyes from the harsh sun. Develop a habit of wearing sunglasses before venturing out in the sun and give up smoking.

Give up consumption of food to which artificial flavors have been added. Depending on your age, six to eight hours of undisturbed sleep is a must.

Practice some of the traditional home remedies to get better-colored skin around the eyes. For keeping your eyes cool, dab the areas under them with rosewater or juice of a cucumber.

A paste of pineapple juice a bit of turmeric is helpful, as is a mixture of tomato and lemon juice in equal volumes.

Nevertheless, the most preferred and accepted products for improving the pigment around eyes are milk, almonds and potatoes. Potatoes have natural bleaching agents and that’s what is needed for overcoming this malady.

Raw grated potatoes or potato juice, when applied to the affected area, is very useful. Let the application remain there for 15-20 minutes and then wash thoroughly with cold water.

For better effects, use a mixture of potato juice and cucumber juice. Apply the mixed juice around the affected area with a cotton swab, let it remain there for twenty minutes and then wash it with cold water.

Or you may replace the mixture of juices with plain milk. Before going to sleep, apply it regularly and wash it off after fifteen minutes. You may add an extract of rose petals to milk and follow the same treatment.

Application of almond oil through massage under the eyes yields very satisfactory results as well.

Taking care of eyes when on computer.

A very significant contribution of electronics engineering has been towards the application of computers in the daily life of an ordinary person. Irrespective of age, sex, profession or any field of activity you just can’t think of doing things at the speed that this small machine offers.

For a while, leaving apart the professionals or a worker in any commercial organization, consider students. Be it a school going child or a postgraduate student, everybody is required to use a computer.

Internet is essentially becoming a source of research for almost any kind of study.

It’s being used as a source of entertainment too, though it’ll be difficult to say to what extent has it been successful in replacing a T.V for the purpose of entertainment.

Both these devices are already beginning to show the ill affects of continuous use.

Eyes are the first victims. Continuously operating of either of the two devices tires your eyes. Gradually it tires the rest of the body too, though one may not realize it.

The posture that one typically adopts while using a computer is not a relaxed one. The shoulders, arms, and neck are inclined to be somewhat tense in that position, and the back gets strained. To continue to remain in a good health for long, follow these practices.

Ensure to have a proper posture. It should be upright but not stiff. Sit straight, keeping elbows close to your sides, and your forearms roughly parallel to the floor.

Adjust the height of your chair to enable your feet to rest on the floor. Your eyes should be level to the top edge of the monitor. Maintain an ideal distance of about a foot and a half from the screen.

You must take small breaks as frequently as you can, but once in an hour is the least. This helps to relieve your eyes and body too.

The duration of a break of even two minutes is o.k. Get up from your seat. Walk around your table, if you have no other space to go.

Engage your eyes in simple exercises by covering them with the cups of your hand for 10-15 seconds and by focusing them on distant objects.

Ways to Protect Eyesight

Today in the technological advanced times everybody is working on computers. Even if you are not in IT business you tend to hamper your eye sight to various environmental and other odd reasons. Children working on computers at home or school as well as the working people in different field need to protect their eyes from any possible problem. Sight is the most important of all the senses as per a recent survey which concludes that a huge percentage of what we perceive through all our senses come from our vision.

There are various eye related diseases and problems which can impair your sight. So, you should take into account all the possible ways to protect your precious eye from any disease or problem.

It can be done by following preventive methods as:

1. Intake of vitamins and nutrient rich diet:

Having balanced and nutritious diet full of nutrients and vitamins will solve the purpose and you can have healthy eyes forever. You should eat berries, pomegranates and cherries in plenty. Include DHA in your daily dietary plan by consuming cod liver oil.

2. Beware of unhealthy foods:

Fats and oils including trans fatty acids are harmful for your eyes. These can damage blood vessels that supply eyes and brain. See the labels of the food items for harmful hydrogenated oil additions. If present quit the food item. It can be in any form of oil - soy, sunflower, corn, palm etc.

3. Quit all harmful things:

You should give away with all the bad habits as consuming unhealthy food, extra straining of eyes. Practice good habits and prevent your eyes from various eye related problems.

4. Give rest to your eyes:

Short breaks are very essential in-between the vigorous sight work. Close your eyes for a while to preserve them and to get relaxed. Do not strain your eyes with stretched long hours sittings.

5. Using flat computer monitor:

If you sit infront of the computer for a very long time you should have a flat panel LCD monitor. This would cause less strain to your eyes hence protecting them from various eye problems.

6. Eye Exercises:

The eye exercises tone up the eye muscles to keep their elasticity intact. With continuous exercising you'll notice a considerable difference in the quality of vision. These will also help in reducing eye strain, headaches and make your eyes feel relaxed and refreshed to resume work.

7. Physical Protection:

You should wear sunglasses whenever you move outside in sun to protect your eyes from sun glare, harmful rays, dust and wind. A good pair of sunglasses with UV protection is greatly helpful for your vision.

8. Protection from unhealthy surroundings:

There aren't any ways to fight against air pollution and dust in big cities. But keeping the homes clean can do a lot to save your sight.

9. Computer Glasses:

A good and reliable pair of computer glasses may also relieve you from strained eyes. It may help you see well. But it may be bought after the proper eyesight checkup by a doctor.

10. Posture:

Sitting at a right distance from the screen is also a good preventive measure against strained eyes. To lessen the strain, keep the screen 18 or 28 inches from your eyes and at your eye level.

So, keep your eyes healthy by imparting these easy and helpful methods.

Care of your Eyes during Summer

It’s summer time once again. And for most people, ‘tis a time to take care of their bodies, right before hitting the beach. But before running off to your usual vacation spots, you have to spot whether your eyes are healthy enough to take the summer sun.

Because more than ever, you have to give your eyes the proper attention they need during this time of the year. First off, you have to make a lifestyle check. Are you eating the right foods?

Make sure that you include green leafy vegetables, carrots, liver, cod liver oil, and nuts in your diet. Be sure that what you eat is fresh and natural. This will give you the necessary nutrients better than overloading yourself with supplementary doses of Vitamin A.

Next, call your eye doctor set up an appointment for a checkup. With regular visits, you will be able to detect an eye problem early on. And so, the treatment will be a lot easier and may increase the chances of success. Visit your doctor at least twice a year, and subject yourself to a full eye examination.

Remember to perform simple exercises for your eyes to relieve them of stress. If you are suffering from minor eye problems such as strain from prolonged exposure to computer screens, try holding a pen at arm’s length and looking at its tips until you get teary-eyed.

For best results, make sure that you keep a strict distance between your eyes and the object you’re staring at. Also, you should take frequent breaks when reading a book or using the computer. Close your eyes for a minute to give them enough rest.

Another technique that you can do is closing your eyes and pressing your palms gently against them. Make sure that the bony part of your hand is resting on your cheekbones and not directly over the eyes. Do this for about 5 minutes.

Make sure you get a good night’s rest. After a strenuous day, sufficient rest is just what your eyes need. Remove the puffiness of your eyes by splashing cold water over them. And as they say, a slice of cucumber can do wonders for your eyes.

If you are suffering from itchy eyes, never rub them with your hands. One way to relieve the itchiness is by washing your eyes carefully with water. If the irritation continues, seek a doctor immediately.

If you’re not very fond of eyeglasses, try wearing contact lenses. Nowadays, consumers have more options to choose from such as colored cosmetic lenses, gas-permeable lenses, and disposable lenses. Contact lenses, while not very handy, are still efficient in doing their job. Just make sure you wash your hands when you put on or remove the lenses. And if you can, wear a good pair of sunglasses whenever you go out—especially during summer. It is also important for you to get your lenses sterilized every six months or so.

Of course, you can always opt for vision correction through Lasik surgery. If done properly, you will benefit from a quick, effective, and painless procedure that will correct vision impairment. Minutes after the landau scrubs have been put on, you will already find yourself in the recovery room, ready to go home after your eyes have had their rest.

Monday, April 6, 2009

World Health Day: 7th April

Today is a World Health Day.

Wishing Good Health to a Billion People!

It is a day that the human beings should focus on their health and explore ways to improve their health in every aspects of their lives.

World Health Day 2009 focuses on the resilience and safety of health facilities and the health workers who treat those affected by emergencies. Events around the world will highlight successes, advocate for safe facility design and construction, and build momentum for widespread emergency preparedness and and this year is the 60th anniversary of WHO or the World health Organization. Every year this day is observed as World health day, and organized around a predetermined theme to raise awareness of key global public health challenges.

While World Health Day may not have that much relevance in the developed nations, it has a lot more relevance in the poorer nations, where people struggle to get the most basic health care, including healthcare professionals and medicines.

Good health is the greatest asset for any human being to have because life will not be sweet if you are rich but sick!

Above all, try and free yourself daily for a few minutes. For about 30 mins everyday, be alone, stop thinking be SILENT, forget yourself and free your mind and body and connect to your inner being.

Another name for this is MEDITATION!

Do your meditation daily and try to connect to our God and the Universe.